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MacBook Pro

I love it.

Tascam US-122

Audio and MIDI interface. This is a USB device that Mary can plug her guitar, keyboard and mic into and thus get sound into her computer. For audio, Mary slightly prefers the more robust and compact (but MIDI-less) Mobile Pre, but she has given her one to Tommo.

Shure SM58

The ubiquitous cheap dynamic mic for vocals.

Boss DS-2

Turbo distortion pedal. Mary can plug her guitar into this and then put it straight into the Tascam and the sound is quite lovely.

Gibson Les Paul Studio

A beautiful guitar with a beautiful, bassy sound. Weighs a fucking ton.

MicroKORG keyboard

An awesome synthesiser with loads of crazy control parameters. Sometimes, Mary sends the sound from the 1/4" jack out on the keyboard straight into the audio in of the Tascam, and other times, she just uses the keyboard as a controller via the Tascam's MIDI ports.

Ableton Live 6

Composing, recording, mixing, sequencing and experimenting all happens in Live. Very cool program that just gets out of the way and lets you get on with stuff. Fundamentally loop-based and therefore geared towards electronica, but can also easily be used for less delimited music because every action you take (parameter changes, time-signature changes - anything) is stored.


A single program for all aspects of web development: coding, CSS, sshing, documentation and testing. Made by the too cool for school and much cooler than us kids, Panic.


Insanely cheap hosting that is, for some unknown reason, really reliable. They also allow sshing and can host websites built with Ruby/Rails


The most popular web scriping language. Really easy to get into, but not really built for very large sites. Used to be used for counting visitors. Now that I have Mint, PHP is no longer used.