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People and things:

Serpico. One honest cop in NYC.
Hoop Dreams. A documentary about two kids trying to get into college on basketball scholarships.
Queer Mutiny. Local queer group.
Advisory Service For Squatters. Get legal advice on court cases, eviction notices and so forth.
JD Samson. Hot like Pol Pot.
Gender ambiguity.
Em and Soph. My beloved little darling sisters.
Hanover Square.
The Common Place. Social centre in Leeds.
Common Conversation. English lessons for asylum seekers at The Common Place.
Little Woodhouse. The best area in Leeds.
Gender-neutral pronouns.
New York City. Where I want to live.
Wikipedia. A (flawed version of a) people's encyclopaedia.
Love And Other Catastrophes. Awesome queerish Australian film.
Local change.
Algorithmic/generative music.
Jenifer Levin. The best ever butch writer.
Claude Cahun. One of the first political gender benders.
The sky.
Independent record labels.
Free parties.
DIY. Not enough X/Y/Z in your community? Do it yourself.
Kill Rock Stars. The best record label in the world.
Peter Watkins. Has made important political pseudo-documentaries, including Punishment Park and La Commune.
Vegan deliciousness.
Down And Out In Paris And London. By George Orwell.
Saint Jude. The Patron Saint Of Lost Causes.
Free shops. Take anything you want. Bring anything you don't.
Ariel Schrag. Writes comic books about her teenage years.
Locas. Graphic novels about Maggie and Hopey - lesbians, punks, scientists...
White shirts.
Action Medics. Give free first aid training geared towards riots, demos, actions and other volatile situations.


Sunset Rubdown. Brutal pop music.
Golden Disko Ship. Dreamy, experimental folk electronica. Sounds like walking on the beach with the sun in your eyes.
Tracy + The Plastics. Poppy, experimental electronica that is a giant critique of politics and aesthetics.
Love Lost But Not Forgotten. Crushingly brutal screamo.
Walls Of Jericho. Beatdown female-fronted hardcore.
Venetian Snares. Blasting glitchcore.
Julie Ruin. Very moving solo record by Kathleen Hanna.
Slub. Fairly downtempo generative music band.
Heavens To Betsy. Our favourite ever band. The most heartbreaking songs ever.
Antisocial Mixtape. My friend Max's acoustic band.
Assacre. Sometimes experimental, sometimes electronic hardcore metal.
To Dream Of Autumn. Brutal, meandering female-fronted hardcore.
Trencher. Casio grind.
Circle Takes The Square. A neo-school band that finally took hardcore in an interesting new direction.
Army Of Flying Robots. Relentless, vomiting artcore.
The Paper Chase. Life is a horror movie and [capitalism/sadness/panic attacks/whatever] is the monster. Astounding lyrics and melodies.
Dilute. Beautiful, meandering, winding guitar music.
The Gits. Old school punk that is actually good. Mia Zapata has heart.
Executive Distraction Tasks. Local tech grind masters.
Sweep The Leg Johnny. Groove/math rock that makes you want to dance. With added saxophone and sexy singer.
Electric Mud Generator. Local dirge-rock masters.
Limp Wrist. Queer edge hardcore.
The Need. Queer female art-rock duo.
Munch Munch. There aren't many good new-school party crue electronic bands. Munch Munch are one.
The Haggard. Queer female hardcore duo.
Sextional. "Aggro-sex rock."
V For Vendetta. Queer female math duo.
Xiu Xiu. Discordant and beautiful and aching punk electronica.
Maximillian Colby. Meandering math hardcore.
TC One. Drum & bass DJ. Played the most brutal set of music I have ever experienced.