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28th November 2007

We're back from our our very mini tour of Germany. Both gigs were super fun (an amazing ninety people came to the second). Danke Theresa for putting us up and being so lovely, and danke to everyone who made us feel so welcome. You can read more about the micro tour here.

8th November 2007

We're going on a (very) mini tour in Germany. We will be playing two places in Berlin on 12th and 13th November 2007. See the gigs page for more information. We are so insanely excited and send massive love to Theresa of the awesome Golden Disko Ship for setting up the gigs.

1st July 2007

The new EP, Blue Clamp, is out. Hurray! You can contact us with your postal address to get a free copy, or download the songs right away.

26th May 2007

There is a new track, Crafternoon, on the music page. If you like, you can also read the words. Our new EP will be out fairly soon. Contact us with your postal address to get a free copy.

14th May 2007

We had an amazing time playing the gig. Thank you so much to Forest Of Sound for putting us on. Photos are on the pictures page.

4th May 2007

Another new song, Number 34. It's a sort of homage to Orchid but it's not really like them at all. Go to the music page for the music and the lyrics page for the lyrics.

30th April 2007

New section, pictures. It has struck us that, given our profession, this is a surprisingly low-tech website.

26th April 2007

There is a new song, These Hands Will Never Be Guns, on the music page. Technically, the song is not entirely new, as it was played at a squat party at around three a.m. one night in March, as the last song of We're Not The Cool Kids's first gig.

26th April 2007

We're afraid that there are no (physical) copies left of either record. We only made about forty of each, and they have now all been given away to friends, or sent to people who requested them. There should be a new record out within the next few months. It is currently undecided whether it will be an EP of unreleased songs, or an album made up of songs from the EPs and and songs not from the EPs.

26th April 2007

We're Not The Cool Kids have had a last.fm page for a while. However, they have just uploaded their latest EP and their unreleased tracks there. Go and see.

20th April 2007

We're Not The Cool Kids have moved to Brixton in London. We are still playing the gig on 12th May in Leeds and are super-duper excited. We have an unreleased song called These Hands Will Never Be Guns that will be put up on the website at the weekend. We are also working on a new song called Strap Hangers And Dope Slangers.

13th February 2007

We have a couple of gigs lined up. The first will be in mid-April (details to follow) and the second will be on 12th May at The Packhorse, Leeds.

2nd January 2007

There is a new song, Panic Attack, on the music page.

19th December 2006

We've started putting stuff together for the live show. It's all quite nebulous at the moment.

6th December 2006

We've finished a new track, Ghosts. You can listen to it on the music page and read the words on the lyrics page.

16th November 2006

There is yet another new, unreleased track on the music page. Woot!

17th October 2006

The new EP is out! It's called I'm A Hungry Little Girl and you can listen to and download the songs on the music page.

12th October 2006

Yep, the website has been re-done so it doesn't look quite so ghastly. Mary officially has the visual design skills of a potato.

4th October 2006

Yet another new We're Not The Cool Kids song, Heat, has been finished. You can find the mp3 on the music page and the words on the lyrics page. This is probably going to be the first song on the album.

26th September 2006

Two new We're Not The Cool Kids songs, Trope and End Of A Squat Party, have been finished. You can find the mp3s on the music page and the words on the lyrics page. On a side note, the song mentioned on 18th September was eventually junked.

18th September 2006

Not too much going on with We're Not The Cool Kids at the moment. What with Mary being at the Climate Camp and then in New York City, not much music has been written. Well, there is one new song, but no one can decide whether it's good or whether it sucks.

13th August 2006

The website has been upgraded. You can now play the songs from the music page and you can also click the blue link at the top of any page for a tremendously exciting result.

9th August 2006

We've finished a new song. It's called Clothes Make The Man and can be downloaded on the music page. Go to the lyrics page for the, uh, lyrics, and also a bit of information on what the song is about.

29th July 2006

The first We're Not The Cool Kids EP, Polly Susie And Mary, is finished. To hear it, you can either email us with your postal address at werenotthecoolkids@googlemail.com and we will send you a free copy, or you can go to the music page and download the songs.

23rd July 2006

We're Not The Cool Kids's first EP is nearly finished. A few more lyrics are being written, a final song has been done. It should be out in the next couple to weeks. To get a free copy, email Mary at werenotthecoolkids@googlemail.com.

5th July 2006

Yet another new song from We're Not The Cool Kids - Be My Baby, a cover of the song by The Ronettes. You can listen to it on the music page. It may interest you to know that the instrumentation is just the fretting (and not strumming) of the main chords, and the beat is provided by finger clicks.

2nd July 2006

We're Not The Cool Kids have finished a new song - You Try Not To Say. Listen to it at the music page.

30th June 2006

Yes, I have caved in. I have just made my first Mywasteofspace page: www.myspace.com/werenotthecoolkids.

28th June 2006

My Mouth Slowly Fills With Blood has been changed and is now Officially Better. I dumped the screaming/synth segue and replaced it with a piano smashing session and a spot of spoken word.