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Blue Clamp [EP]
Cracker Jackson

Jackson, can I be your friend?
We could BMX bike through life -
The warm-dust, sun-down streets,
The blue-brusied wife.

Can I steal cars with you?
'Cause I'm so happy I can't stand it.

And I can't let it inside of me.
It feels like there's too much.

Number 34

[This song is about a house I used to live in, 34 Broomhall Place.]

I wake up to
Delicious aches
Of sunlit rooms
That dissolve away.

Hugs, cigarettes, essays, girls, Nintendo.

I watch from the road.
I can't come home.


[For Alice-Rose, the girl who invented the word 'crafternoon'. Also the girl who has fallen off the radar.]

I'll find the glue and you can bring some paper
But I'll wait for you as it gets much later.
So I'll get my guitar and write this song,
But you're not here so you can't sing along.

Could've made your Sigmund Freud hard deal chair.
Might've made cardboard keyboards for my teddy-bears.
We could've drunk tea and written this tune,
But I've been waiting for you all afternoon.

We could have gone out and done some stencils
And I could've graffitied on hearts in pencil.
But you would have said I was sentimental.


Slip through my ghost lips,
Past childish hips
To scarred-up slits.

I should have died by now but
For scalpel's healing cuts.
So I float in the grey night
Bearing a shadow that fades with the light.

Shadow that I feel,
Shadow that I see,
Ghost calling mummy.

I'm A Hungry Little Girl [EP]

I said XY
Showed you my insides
And you processed it by making some kind of dumb fucking joke

Because I could hope
And maybe just cope
With my queerness but you took that with your distancing trope

And I should have said goodbye
And I should have taken my life

But back in the fall
When I told you all
Then still my memory
Is you accepting me

Clothes Make The Man

[This song is about the paradoxical relationship between three levels of appearance. The lowest, the unorthodox inside of the body; the middle, the orthodox outside of the body; the top, the orthodox clothes covering the body. The unorthodox inside puts one beyond normal acceptance, the orthodox outside is a fake that covers the inside and the clothing is another cover, this time genuine, that puts one outside the community that would be the most accepting of the inside.]

So I know that
I don't seem like
Other girls underneath my clothes
I don't seem right

But don't hesitate
Touch like I'm not fake

Look at me
Reject me and my straight disguise
But if
You look close enough into my

You'll see my
Dress illusion
My confusion

Because nothing fits

End Of A Squat Party

I love the way the dusty sun falls on the boards
We can hold them back a little longer

I'm A Liar And I'm On Fire [Springsteen cover]

[The lyrics from the original Bruce Springsteen song, I'm On Fire, are unchanged but the melody and chord are quite different. The latter are reproduced below so that you can play along at home.]

(E) Hey little girl is your Daddy home?
Did he go and leave you all (B) alone?
(E) I got a bad desire

(A) Oh (B) I'm a liar (E)
(A) Oh (B) I'm on fire (E)

(E) Tell me now baby is he good to you?
Does he do to you the thing that I (B) do?
(E) I can take you higher

(A) Oh (B) I'm a liar (E)
(A) Oh (B) I'm on fire (E)


[The spoken bits at the beginning and end of this song are quotes from Jim Caviezel in The Thin Red Line and Robert De Niro in Heat, respectively.]

This is the happiest bit of this song
Well it'll get much sadder before long

I can take anything you dish out
I'm twice the man you are

Crepe paper flitting up to
The air and burning as it flew

I don't even know what I'm doing anymore
All I know is there's no point in me going anywhere if it's alone
Without you

I wish you'd say
That and not go away

Let's Get Out Of Here

One day I'll run away
Slip into the secret dawn and leave all that I can't say

I'll scream through the rain
And take a new name - what, I can't say
(Great grey skies as I
Start with a clean slate and rub away what I can't say)

People might give chase
Or not see I've gone
But I'll keep my face
Turned to the dazzling sun

Polly, Susie And Mary [EP]
Betsy Byers

I wish I
Was the kid Benjy
From The Eighteenth Emergency

Betsy'd invent
My story
And I'd graffiti
My own history

Benjy wrote stuff so people would know he'd been there

My Mouth Slowly Fills With Blood

You change my heart beat
So it's not my own

You say to lay down
And slide up my skirt
I do as you say
And ask, Will this hurt?

Be My Baby [Ronettes cover]

That night we met I knew I
Needed you so
And if I had the chance I'd
Never let you go

So won't you say you love me?
I'll make you so proud of me
We'll make them turn their heads Every place we go

So won't you please
Be my little baby?
Say you'll be my darling
Be my baby now


Put a tick in the box that describes you
But there isn't one for me the confused
List all the valid groups like there's one that fits

Don't ask me to define myself

In The Dark

They come quick
Out the dark
Sight unseen
In cold arcs
Down my cheek

Don't know why
Won't go away
Maybe it's
The pill I
Took today

I'll fight it
I will strike out

But tonight I'm back in bed alone in the dark